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The Burning Crusade

Version 2.4.3

Rates: x2


Players Online: 380

Aliance Players147 Players   Horde Players233 Players

Arena Flush: 3d 27m

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News & Updates

Update July 7th - rev47

Today the following fixes were applied:   * Priest's Shadow Word:Death feedback damage will include dealed absorbed damaged aswell now * Improved auras applying/removal, should solve the issues with Glowing/Vibrant Blood among others * Further improved collision checks, should solve s...

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Vote event July

The toplists have reset and we are starting a vote event. The more of the following spots on the toplists we reach before the 11th of July the longer the rewards will last. - reach a place in the top 7 at the XtremeTop100 list- reach a place in the top 7 of the OpenWoW list- in t...

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Update June 11th - rev46

Today the following fixes were applied: * Warrior's Overpower should not be dodged anymore* Warrior's Second Wind talent tweaked once again for better proc conditions* Further correct the Mana Spring Totem aggro coefficient* Priest's Reflective Shiel...

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Server maintenance and update June 9th - rev45

List of fixes and improvements:   * The following spells had their damage corrected and will scale properly with the player's spell bonus:   Paladin - Consecration - Hammer of Wrath - Holy Shield - Avenger's Shield  - Exorcism - Seal of Righteou...

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Revision: 46 19-06-2014

General Fear effects should not break too early anymore Battleground queue improvements - BG balance improvements Multiple performance tweaks…

Revision: 45 09-06-2014

General 'Combat Bug' issues should be less frequent now Quests that require items to complete won't show as incomplete anymore if…

Revision: 44 30-03-2014

General Touch of Zanzil, Glowing Blood and Vibrant Blood will disable invisibility/stealth use. Many random procs fixed. Totems are not affected…

Revision: 43 31-01-2014

General Following looting methods fixed/improved: Group Loot / Round Robin / Need Before Greed / Master Looter. Looting closed chests should…