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The Burning Crusade

Version 2.4.3

Rates: x2


Players Online: 1008

Aliance Players439 Players   Horde Players569 Players

Arena Flush: 5h 14m

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News & Updates

Server Update - Revision 71

Today the following fixes were applied:    Druid  * Cyclone can no longer pierce through immunity shields such as Divine Shield and Ice Block  * Savage Fury will no longer have double effect on Mangle (Cat) and Mangle (Bear)  * Pounce bleed damage is now properly i...

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Server Update - Revision 70

Today the following fixes were applied:   General  * Creatures can no longer block attacks without a shield equipped  * Fully absorbed damage will no longer break stealth  * Trying to pickpocket a creature that already had its pockets cleared will now return an err...

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Server Update - Revision 69

Today the following fixes were applied:    General * Faction specific mounts can no longer be used by the opposite faction  * Channeled spells will now interrupt immediately if the target resists or the caster can no longer see the target  * Certain talents will no...

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Server Update - Revision 68

We implemented today new and improved map, terrain, pathfinding and collision systems that hopefully will solve a lot of the related issues we had. This took a lot of work and time but we wanted it to be as close to perfection as possible. Not all the issues are fixed, but this is a start ...

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Revision: 50 27-12-2014

General Fixed the sound issues with the D.I.S.C.O. item, players should be able to experience the music  now upon right-clicking the summoned…

Revision: 49 29-09-2014

General: Infinite duration HoTs shouldn't tick if the target is already at full health Corrected a logical error that made a few spells unable…

Revision: 48 11-08-2014

General: Corrected the amount and resupply time for various items sold by multiple rare goods vendors The Defias Smuggler NPCs in Westfall should…

Revision: 47 24-07-2014

Druid Shaman  Rogue Warrior Hunter Paladin Sunwell Plateau NPCs Items Tweaked Karazhan instance map, players will be less likely to get…